What to expect...

Initial Visit - 90 min - 180.00

In this session we will take a deep dive into your medical history. We will take a closer look at how your symptoms have developed and progressed over time, and of course review the effect of these physical changes on your mental and emotional well-being. You will leave the session with the sensation of being heard and acknowledged, along with a couple of tools to get your health back on track. 

Follow-up Visits - 45 min - 120.00

First few follow-ups will be on a weekly basis to develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs. I will go over the results of your lab tests, make a few changes to your nutrient intake, and get you on few supplements to replenish any vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and to support your hormonal and metabolic function. We will talk about the struggles you face, or have faced in the past, and we will work on refocusing your mindset to bring a little more consciousness to your life, a little more balance, and a little less stress. 

Tools of Treatment

I often recommend lab testing to identify nutrient deficiencies, intolerances, hormonal imbalances, and/or gut micro-flora status. Diagnostic testing can be an important tool in tailoring your treatment plan, but it is not required. Such tests allow me to make a more accurate nutrient and herbal recommendation, and create individualized meal plans that work with your specific physiology. In every session I will provide some form of counselling, and together we will create lifestyle changes that may include yoga, meditation, affirmations and other activities to stimulate and encourage the flow of your inner strength.

Visit Structure and other Fees

Naturopathic treatments are are tax exempt and covered by most extended health care plans. Diagnostic testing is also sometimes covered by insurance; however, supplements and any meal plans I recommend  would be an out of pocket cost. Please contact your insurance company directly to find out the extent of your coverage.


As a Naturopath, I work in phases in order to maintain the best care without overwhelming my patients with too many supplements and lifestyle changes for which they may not be ready just yet.  For that same reason the sessions will likely not follow a set schedule. In the earlier phases of treatment the appointments are weekly, but once a treatment plan is stabilized the sessions are then moved to monthly or even every 2nd or 3rd month in order to allow for the supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes to work their magic.


I also offer shorter sessions for active patient should they need a quick follow up to clarify any concerns or answer any questions that may have come up prior to the next set follow up. These sessions are not book-able online but can be scheduled by e-mailing me directly.

It is important for all patients to have a village taking care of them. To ensure of that I have developed a list of amazing health care providers of alternatives expertise and areas of focus for referrals. Never hesitate to ask for more help!