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Is your vitamin D level bringing you down?

Goodbye sun kissed cheeks and summer patios, hello to my favourite supplement: D Drops.

Vitamin D is produced when UV rays from sunlight strike the skin, it then gets stored in fat cells for later use when sun exposure is limited. Unfortunately, most of us rarely spend enough time outdoors to reach adequate levels, and when we do, sunscreen is applied, further limiting the production of this wonderful vitamin! On top of that, people with darker skin tones, like yours truly, need a much longer time in the sunshine to replete their levels.

I first started to notice a problem with my health while in the midst of my postgraduate studies. I began to feel fatigued especially in the winter time, my mood would drop, I was getting more colds and flus, and my bones and muscles ached as if I had ran marathons in my sleep. When attempting to get to the bottom of these vague symptoms, I discovered that my vitamin D levels were not just in the "low end of normal", but very much in the danger zone.

Getting them back up took time, but every year when the temperatures start to drop I have to remind myself to be pro-active, monitor my D levels, and prevent this deficiency from taking over my life.

So you may be wondering: why don’t more doctors recommend supplementing, and to do so right away at first signs of autumn blues?

Well... they do, but very cautiously; because of its fat soluble properties supplementing blindly can be toxic and dangerous. There is a silver lining though, getting healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle. Vitamin D testing is super easy, inexpensive and can be done from the comforts of your very own home! A simple skin prick can give you the necessary information to identify the adequate dosing and duration requirements to get your mind and body ready for the winter months.

PM to get your vitamin D levels in check!

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